We help you suck back with an innovative choking solution for an intuitive, efficient, portable choking remedy device that works for both adults and children.
Be prepared in a
choking emergency!
Compact and portable
Live alone?
Protect yourself!
Our story becomes
your story

It Sucks!

Whether a choking victim is standing, sitting, or lying down, Breath of Life has adequate suction power to dislodge an object in the trachea. It has been tested to suck properly within ranges safe to use, yet strong enough to give you peace of mind in a choking emergency.


Many parents and caretakers expressed the importance of carrying a choking remedy device on-the-go.


Breath of Life is small enough to fit in your purse!

Easy to Use

With the ability to function with one hand, Breath of Life is intuitive and easy to use.


Simply place the mask over the victim and press a button. 


Whether infant, child, or adult, Breath of Life can work on any choking victim.


The mouthpiece can adjust to any size needed in a choking emergency.

Why Worry?

Choking kills 5,000 people in the United States each year

The average emergency response time is 9 minutes, but brain damage is likely after 4-6 minutes of choking.


In a survey of more than 70 parents or caretakers, a $40 choking remedy device is greatly desired in today's market.

                                        -Our Research

Burger Close Up

Most people do not feel confident administering the Heimlich maneuver, especially in a panic.

                                                         -Our Research

Choking is never predictable so be prepared with an intuitive, portable, choking remedy device that gives

peace of mind for you and those you care for


"Keeping people safe in an emergency means a lot to me because I'm a momma to six amazing kiddos. As a University Student, I really wanted to create a device that will protect choking victims in the best, fastest, cheapest, and easiest way."

                                                                                     -Elizabeth Jeffrey

                                                                             Founder, Breath of Life